Friday, June 27, 2014

A Mile in My Shoes: Caregiver and Loved One

Pope Thomas stands beside my painting at the Fountain City Art Center's Open Show 2014.
This painting was inspired my a theme show invitation for "Walk a Mile In My Shoes" at Oak Ridge Art Center. I wanted to emphasize then the shoes of the one in the wheelchair and the one pushing the wheel chair because both have a different perspective on what "In My Shoes" represents. This oil painting is monochromatic in burnt umber and is 24x48.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Post Stroke Enlightenment

Pope Thomas, my husband, standing beside my painting of him called "Post Stroke Enlightenment". This painting won third place in the theme show "Illumination" at the Fountain City Art Center in Knoxville Tennessee. His stroke happened December 18, 2007. He no longer has to use a wheelchair, but his right hand his still paralyzed and he still has a communication disease called aphasia.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Valentines Day 2014: Our anniversary of eleven years!


Art of Caregiving exhibit from 11:00AM to 2:00 PM at the Morning Pointe Assisted Living Residence of Lenoir City on Valentine's Day.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 Painting 12

With your head held high and a smile on your lips, I know that you appreciate and love me for all that I am doing for you without ever saying a word. Throughout it all, I have learned a loving humble servitude and therefor you have made me a better person for it.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 Painting 11

Your spasticity causes your hand to curl up and scratch me like the thorns of the rosebushes, but your beauty is worth the pain.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 Painting 10

Even though aphasia robbed you of your speech, I have only to look at your beaming face and feel your love envelop me.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 9

Like the friendly ladybugs who feast on those who would sap your strength with doubts and worry; I will protect you forever my beloved rose.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 8

The torrential rain of the thunderstorm of tears relieves and cleanses and renews.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 7

Friends and family visit like the bumblebees buzzing from flower to flower taking pollen and leaving honey.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 6

I will warm you with the sunshine of my love even though sweat drips from my brow in the heat of the day.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 5

The paralysis of limbs and medicines to think the life blood make you feel like you are covered with snow and ice.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 4

Here on earth, the roses fade to make room for new roses, but I will look for you in the rose garden of heaven where the roses never fade and you will bloom forever.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 3

The helping hands of the therapists and doctors like smaller buds surrounding the larger rose offering support and assistance to help reach towards new heights in the sky.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 2

I groom you and bathe you so that you are refreshed like the morning dew that sparkles on the roses like diamonds, only you are more precious and more valuable to me.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 painting 1

I nourish you with food and medicine and quench your thirst to help you grow stronger and more radiant.