Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Valentines Day 2014: Our anniversary of eleven years!


Art of Caregiving exhibit from 11:00AM to 2:00 PM at the Morning Pointe Assisted Living Residence of Lenoir City on Valentine's Day.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 Painting 12

With your head held high and a smile on your lips, I know that you appreciate and love me for all that I am doing for you without ever saying a word. Throughout it all, I have learned a loving humble servitude and therefor you have made me a better person for it.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 Painting 11

Your spasticity causes your hand to curl up and scratch me like the thorns of the rosebushes, but your beauty is worth the pain.

Art of Caregiving Series 1 Painting 10

Even though aphasia robbed you of your speech, I have only to look at your beaming face and feel your love envelop me.